Synchronization systems can simply be described as utilizing more than one generator set for your high kVA needs. Small generator sets operating in parallel offers all benefcial advantages of a single large generator set.

In the investments that predict a fast growth, purchasing a high power generator at establishment period increases the first investment budget. By preferring Thor Generator synchronized systems you can start by purchasing lower power generator which decrease first investment budget. According with the growth rate you can add generator in various numbers and powers which establish a problem free, flexible system

Thor Generator brings alternative solution to energy projects by using synchronization systems. With combining more than one generator for your high kVA needs, this system provides significant advantages comparing against single generator with same power. Especially the synchronization panel that design by Thor Generator engineers offers integrated solution through costumers with its technology

As you can see at above comparative cost graphic the synchronizing systems which gathered from different kVA models bring more advantages both in purchase and also in after sale.

We can approach to flexible usage of Thor Generator Synchronization Systems from both logistic and functional point of view.

On the contrary of common belief synchronization systems can be synchronized not just in equal powered generators but also in different powered models. As a result of this application a flexible solution is created for changing power at different time of year or different time of day. In a hotel that needs intense power at summer time, is not also going to need same power at winter time. With the synchronization of different powered generators the intense power need of summer cover by high and small generator synchronization the other hand you can use the lowered power single generator according to compensate the power for the off seasons. Thus fuel expenditures and corrosion are minimized. In logical point of view, multiple generator systems create substantial advantages against difficulties of setting up systems with single large generator.